Pick a Project

Here are some examples of the types of projects we’re interested in taking on:

  • Modular educational escape games
  • Integration of puzzles/gaming and interactive theatre
  • Mobile/portable/deployable escape games
  • Shippable mystery boxes (one-off or subscription-based)
  • Small-scale events and activities (e.g., murder mystery dinners)
  • Large-scale events (e.g., citywide scavenger hunts)
  • Outdoor, active challenges (laser tag, zombie tag, etc.)
  • Extended, high-value experiences (3-hour, whole-house, overnight, etc.)
  • Fixed/passive/persistent games (small-group scavenger/puzzle hunts, etc.)
  • Partnerships with hospitality, tourism, and non-profit groups
  • Site-specific games at unique or historic locations
  • Anything you can convince us to support