Justify Your Position

Positions start as internships of 3-6 months, with a flexible start date. You will begin with an annualized salary of $32,000 and a budget that will vary according to the project’s needs. However, we don’t want you to be an intern forever; our goal is to make every position permanent.

Whether we’re able to do that will be entirely dependent on results: If, at the 2-month mark, you’ve shown compelling evidence of your project’s success or potential, and you work well with the rest of our team, then we will be able to offer you an extension of your contract and a position as a division leader at Escape Industries. Contingent on achievements, projections, and demonstrated ability, you may have access to a larger budget, a staff, travel/relocation opportunities, and higher compensation tied to the success of your division.

The sky’s the limit here – the more successful your division, the more successful you’ll be.